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Are you planning to go on a vacation soon?  Whether you have been traveling often or you have just decided to start traveling, it is very important to first thing about your safety.  Safety should be a very important part of your travel plans. Unfortunately, not everyone plans about their safety until they find themselves in a tough situation. So, how can you make sure that you are safe while traveling? Jeremy Schulman likes traveling a lot and according to him, here are some of the most important steps to take to make sure that you are safe while traveling.

Have your source of internet

If you like being online or you have work that you must do online while on vacation, make plans on how you will have access to the internet. You can choose to carry with you a pocket WIFI or use mobile data but do not try using public WIFI. When you use public Wi-Fi, you are simply exposing yourself to hackers who may take your accounts, steal your personal and financial information, and cause other types of harm. Therefore, it will be wise to consider getting a portable router instead of settling for public Wi-Fi.

Carry only what you need

Another important step that you should take is carrying only what you need and what is important at that time. If you are traveling abroad, you should consider carrying only your passport. If possible, you should avoid carrying things such as expensive jewelry, your birth certificate, or your social security number card. If possible, don’t bring with you all your debit and credit. If you carry with your important documents, you can choose to lock them up in the hotel or a safe location.

Protect your home

Before you leave for your trip, it will also be very important to protect your home. As much as you are going on a trip, you will not live there forever. At some point, you will have to come back to your home and when you do, it will be good to find your home as you left it. Besides, not knowing your home is safe will not let you have peace of mind while you are away. Among the things that you must do include stopping your email delivery. This will make sure that your important documents are not stolen.

Avoid posting your location

Although it is very difficult for some people to avoid posting their photos while on vacation, you are advised not to post until you are back. It is by posting photos, status updates, and your locations, that thieves and malicious people will know when to strike. You should avoid the possibility of people keeping track of you by not posting or waiting until your vacation is over. If you must post your photos, at least avoid posting your location.

Password-protect your phone

Your phone is a target to thieves whenever you are. If your phone contains some sensitive information, make sure that it is protected.

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