Important Tips for Staying Safe During International Travel


Travel experiences are definitely worth your while. It opens your eyes to the world you live in. It also introduces you to new people and cultures. You can easily become enchanted by the fresh experience. However, it is mandatory to stay focused on your own safety and security. Jeremy Shulman, the founder of Schulman Bhattacharya, recommends young people look for travel opportunities to enjoy unforgettable experiences before trying to climb the career ladder.

Why should you travel while you are still young?

Traveling at a young age can do you a lot of good, and it doesn’t have to be to a fancy and expensive destination. You can even learn a lot if you travel interstate. Also, travelling can be done to countries that don’t have a lot of tourist attractions, as it can only be done to meet new people from different walks of life.

When it comes to staying safe during travel, there are some useful tips:

  1. Study your destination.

Before you make any travel arrangements, you need to do some homework first. At this step, you should use the web to gather as much information as you can. For instance, you can read about other people’s experiences at the same place. There are many travel websites where people share their own experiences.

Through your search, you can know how safe this destination really is. Also, you can get a quick idea of the safest residential neighborhoods. Online, you can meet locals from the destination you are planning to visit. You can learn more about safety in their own country.

You can use your chat with a local to find out price ranges as well. It helps in avoiding getting deceived into paying more money for something that isn’t worth it.

2-Always stay in touch

There is nothing that should keep you from contacting your family at least once a day. You should always make calls or even send texts. It is useful to keep your loved ones aware of your travel plans and programmes. Doing so makes the folks back home less worried. It also gives you some peace of mind knowing that there are people keeping track of your steps and whereabouts.

3-Don’t look different

In some places, a tourist may look like an easy target for crime. Hence, you should look like everybody else in your chosen destination. This doesn’t mean using a disguise or colouring your hair. But it means wearing similar clothes like the locals. Also, you shouldn’t look confused or lost that much. So, if you need to ask for directions, you shouldn’t look desperate or talk to anyone. You should be extra careful when talking to strangers.

4-Prepare backup documents

Well, this is a cautious step, as it spares you a lot of hassle if you lose your important documents for any reason. A backup copy of your passport or any sort of personal ID can help you get home easily and quickly if things turn south. To prepare this copy, you can scan your documents and upload them to a drive, or you can settle for photocopies. You can choose both methods for more security for your vital documents.

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