How To Travel Cheap


Do you love to travel? Why not? There are so many things to learn when you go to a different country you are not familiar with. But of course, when you travel, you want to make it affordable. You would never want to spend more than what you can afford since traveling is just a hobby that is not a life’s necessity. 

Even Jeremy Schulman, a lawyer, and a traveler would love to explore the world because he knows that through this, he can learn a lot of things he cannot learn if he is just staying at home or when he is just in his comfort zone. 

If you are afraid to travel because you know that traveling is expensive, here are a few things that can help you understand that traveling can be affordable. 

Tips To Travel Cheap

Some think that it is impossible to travel cheap it is possible, read below to further understand:

  • Book flights earlier

Booking flights earlier is a good idea if you want to get the best rates. Most airlines give their best rates to those who book their flights way in advance. Do not worry as the service you can get from early bookings are exactly the service you can get when you book a week in advance, only cheaper. 

The moment you think of traveling, the first thing you have to do is find an airline that gives a huge discount for early bookings. 

  • Find a cheap accommodation

Accommodation does not need to be extravagant. Your room is where you will sleep, freshen up and relax. For most of your holidays, you will be out and exploring the country you visited, hence, the extravagance of the room you rented is just useless as you are only there when it is time to sleep. 

Finding cheaper accommodation is a good idea, but of course, find a room that is cheap yet decent, safe and clean. 

  • Avoid impulsive buying

When you go to a different country, there are so many things you can see there that are not available on the shelves of a local store where you live. You have to know which items are best to purchase and which are not. Avoid impulsive buying as if you do that, you are putting your bank account in great danger. 

  • Know the country you are planning to visit

To avoid getting lost, know the country you are going to weeks or days before your actual date of travel. Getting lost can be expensive, as you have to go back and forth, ride a cab, and so on. If you want to cut your transportation expense, know the map of the country you are planning to visit. 

  • Walk

If the distance from your first destination to your second destination is just near, walk instead of riding a cab, train, or bus. Walking is a good idea as this can give you a better sight of the area where you are at. And besides, walking is good exercise, so why not consider it, right?

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