Avoid These Four Amateur Travel Mistakes People Make


As technology keeps on improving, the world has seemingly become smaller. People can today travel to whatever part of the world they wish to visit, experience and learn new things to improve their perspective of life. While the trips could be fulfilling, poor planning can easily jeopardize the quality of experience that you enjoy in foreign countries. Here is a guide by Jeremy Schulman to take you through all the amateur blunders travelers make that reduce the quality of experience they get from a trip outside the country.

Getting meals from chain restaurants

There is nothing wrong with chain restaurant food that you used to getting at home; going for the same option in a foreign country would be madness. In a new country, you have the opportunity of trying out new dishes and menu which is why you should visit local restaurants for local dishes that the country natives find sumptuous. Chances are high that your taste buds will be thrilled to the new and unique dishes you try out during your trip that will make it memorable in the future.

Ignoring local customs and cultures

The rules, cultures and customs that work in your country will not be the same when you are in a new country. Researching and being familiar with some if not most of the local customs would be a great way to prepare when visiting a foreign country. You must adhere by their practices and rules for a quality time and personal safety in foreign land. You may have to make changes for instance in how you dress, what you eat, how you eat and even how you interact with people in life normally. Bear in mind that ignoring such instructions could have adverse implications especially if upsets the locals that are supposed to be newly made allies.

Have an emergency plan

There is no telling what might happen when you are in a foreign land away from all the help you are familiar with. Emergencies are common today and the best one can do is having contingency plans to help them recover from whatever risk they may have faced. Getting travel insurance is one of the steps to guard your health when visiting another country. Extra finances as emergency fund can also be a great contingency plan in the event that you are faced by an emergency needing a lot of funds.

Too much packing

Over packing is a problem most people cannot shake off however ending up regretting later on during their trips. You should research about the country you are travelling to for you to carry the right clothing and also determine the right items to carry. It is pointless to carry 80% of your clothes for a one month vacation in Hawaii if you however pack correctly, you will have lighter luggage and easy time moving around or packing. There is also the opportunity of shopping for new outfits in the new country that you can bring home with you as souvenirs.

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