4 Hobbies to Take With You On the Go


Every day we see people travel in and out of the country. Traveling to different places around the world has become a common practice nowadays with people taking it up as a hobby or for opportunities to grow their business as entrepreneurs like Jeremy Schulman have found even greater success outside their local scope. Despite the reasons anyone would have to travel, it is important for any person who is traveling to exercise self-care.

Traveling frequently can lead to a unique sense of burnout like how people can feel burnt out from their jobs or activities they must repeat. Taking care of yourself to prevent feeling burnout from your travels is just as important as arriving at your destination safely. One of the best ways to combat feeling the travel burnout is by picking up a hobby that you can do and bring around with you during your travels.


One of the most common hobbies that many people on the go tend to start is photography. Photography makes the perfect hobby especially if you are on the go. It can drastically change how you view and approach a trip as you feel more immersed in the experience and location.

Photography doesn’t only end with taking pictures of your destination, but it also continues to the downtime during your trips. Skimming through your photos and being satisfied with each shot you were able to capture all while picking out the best shot you took for the day. In small moments like this, you learn to appreciate the hobby and feel more pumped up for your next trip.

Collecting Trinkets

Many people who are on the go have the habit of taking something unique from the area and bringing it back home. Collecting and having a collection is a hobby that you can start and bring along with you during your different travel trips.

Collecting pins from the area, books, and even coins is enough to start the hobby and can even enhance your traveling experience. Starting this hobby gives you a new perspective during your trip and allows you to revisit any old trips through the trinkets you brought home with you during that trip.


Similar to photography, drawing and sketching are great ways to prevent feeling burnt out during your trips. Although not everyone might be talented with the skill, you might want to consider trying this out as it only requires minimal investment. Spend time recreating a moment during your trip while having fun doing so. This hobby also makes it a perfect creative outlet if you find yourself stuck in a rut during your stay.


Geocaching is a unique hobby to try out, especially if you are constantly on the road. This hobby entails a person hiding a container somewhere and then posting the coordinates online for other people to find. This hobby is unique as you have the opportunity to glimpse into the life of other people as you can see the list of names who also found the container along with the opportunity to trade collectibles with them.

Although this hobby takes a while to get a hang of, spending the time to do this will make the experience extremely satisfying and worthwhile as you have a treasure hunt all around the world.

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